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Mother and Child Zebrawood Hippo Elephant Bookends S-Shaped Box Fruit Basket and Lid

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you'll find answers to questions about shopping on WoodenElephants.com.

How does buying on WoodenElephants.com work?
To buy items, you do not need to create an account. You purchase items on WoodenElephants.com directly from Wooden Elephants, using any payment method you specify when checking out (e.g. PayPal, Credit Card, etc.). If you have any questions about any of the items in the site, it's best to use the "Ask a Question" feature before making the purchase.

How does the shopping cart work?
As you browse around and see items that you like, add them to your cart. Note that items in your cart are not removed from the site or reserved for you, until you complete the checkout process. All of the items on WoodenElephants.com are one of a kind, so they tend to sell out quickly. Therefore, items could sellout if they are in your cart for too long. Once you have everything you need, select a Checkout button and follow the instructions provided.

What currency does WoodenElephants.com accept?
All items are listed in Canadian Dollars ($CAN) on WoodenElephants.com. PayPal or credit card purchases will automatically convert your currency for you, but all other sales such as money order and check need to be calculated by you.

What is PayPal, how does it work on WoodenElephants.com, and how do I buy items with it?
WoodenElephants.com facilitates payments through a third-party service called PayPal. Buyers may optionally register an account with PayPal, however you do not have to be a member of this service in order to submit a payment.

How do I report any problems with an item?
If an item you pay for is not shipped, is significantly not as described, or arrives damaged please contact Wooden Elephants directly. Please email support\@woodenelephants.com with your name and the SKU number as soon possible. We will work to resolve the situation.

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