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Mother and Child Zebrawood Hippo Elephant Bookends S-Shaped Box Fruit Basket and Lid


Here you'll find answers to common questions about how Wooden Elephants functions. For specific questions about buying products on WoodenElephants.com, read the FAQ.

How does the main search bar on Wooden Elephants work?
The search bar atop every page is always available to help you find products you are looking for. You can use multiple terms in a search to narrow down the results. For example, searching for "animal statue" will return results for all products with the word "animal" and "statue" somewhere in the name or description. You can also use % as a wildcard operator to search when you only know part of a term. For example, searching for "%ani" will return results for all items with the letters "ani" somewhere in the name.

What is the Showcase?
The Showcase displays a unique set of products that focuses on a single country or style. The Showcase is updated often, so check back to see what's on display.

Tips on Buying

Buy items you love!
Read the entire listing before purchasing in order to be sure you know what you are buying.
Contact Wooden Elephants via "Ask a Question" at the bottom of the listing if you have any questions prior to purchase.
Double check that the shipping address entered in PayPal is correct.
If using PayPal or Credit Card, pay immediately during checkout.
If paying by personal check please submit payment within three days. If you are paying by mail, send an email to Wooden Elephants notifying them that the payment is on its way. Register your mail if possible so that you can track it.

How long does it typically take to receive an item?
We ship items virtually everyday of the year. The delivery time is normally about 5 to 15 working days depending on your location. Wooden Elephants is located in Canada.

Email WoodenElephants.com
You always have the opportunity and the right to send an email to customer support. The support staff is here to help solve your problem. Before emailing, try to look for answers in our FAQ, but if you cannot find an answer we are very happy to hear from you. Each email we receive is responded to as quickly as possible.

Email support@woodenelephants.com or send a message with your questions about using the site or transaction issues.
Email billing@woodenelephants.com or send a message about concerns or questions regarding your Wooden Elephants purchase.

I have an idea to make WoodenElephants.com better, would you like to hear it?
We are always looking for new ideas and improvements. Feel free to contact us.

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