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Mother and Child Zebrawood Hippo Elephant Bookends S-Shaped Box Fruit Basket and Lid

Selling on Wooden Elephants

Do you have simular items like Wooden ELephants? Are you looking to sell?

Wooden Elephants is the one place where collectors of unique arts and crafts from all of the world come to purchase items. What better way to serve our customers then to have an even bigger variety of products available.

If your items are 100% original and made from artisans outside North America, you can sell them on Wooden Elephants.

Anxious to start selling your stuff? Follow the steps below.

Contact Wooden Elephants
Email us at sales@woodenelephants.com or contact us and we will talk to you more about how to get your products on Wooden Elephants.

List your items for sale
Work with your WoodenElephants.com representative to catalog your products into the right categories and take photos.

Get orders
Wooden Elephants sends you an e-mail notification when an item sells. In case you don't get the e-mail (or it is filtered as spam), make sure to check your orders regularly.

Ship items to your buyers
Get the shipping information from the order details in your email. Print the shipping label and packing slip and then mail your item within 2 days of the sale.

Get paid
The buyer pays instantly. We charge his or her credit card and, after deducting fees, send you a cheque.

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