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Mother and Child Zebrawood Hippo Elephant Bookends S-Shaped Box Fruit Basket and Lid

Welcome to Wooden Elephants

Welcome to Wooden Elephants. We proudly offer you a vast collection of one of a kind arts and crafts, sourced from around the world. Specializing in home decoration with an ethnic flair, our wide range of unique, hand crafted goods is unmatched.

This tour will show you how to browse through our website and travel the world in search of something memorable. With items for every room in your house, functional or aesthetic; Wooden Elephants has something for all tastes. Surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift or treat yourself to a piece of art created on the other side of the world.

Wooden Elephants has combed towns and villages, markets and studios to buy every item on this site as close to the source as possible. Forged friendships, accountable actions and dignified dealings back the quality goods found within these pages. That’s a Wooden Elephant guarantee.

Because of this off the beaten track mentality, Wooden Elephants offers its patrons the opportunity to buy something which is truly original and special; we only stock ONE of anything.

Now let’s get started …. click the blue arrow to begin.

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